Our Practice

 « Every passion speaks its own language » (Nicolas Boileau)

Our practice has been a member of the Institute of the Certified Public Accountants since 2003 and has been active in the sector since 1995.
Our central location in Brussels, on the doorstep of the European institutions, reflects our desire to be attentive and responsive in the face of future social and economic challenges.
All these challenges, and those that are still to come, concern you too.


That’s why we set out our objective very clearly:
« Providing a quality service that strengthens good governance and safeguards your business ».


As part of this approach, we aim for:
« Long-term collaboration for a comprehensive and personalised service ».


This is why we put the accent on good communication and regular contact. It’s through awareness of your aspirations and your projects that we can best advise and assist you.
Accounting law requires your accounts to reflect a true image of your company. The combination of the relationship of trust that we develop together, regular communication and our expertise will enable us to achieve this aim.
Naturally we understand that this aspect of your profession is not your preferred field. That’s why we are here to help you to meet your national and international tax obligations, right from the start of your business.